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Monday, September 26, 2011

How to do a dark lip and still look pretty!

       Hello dollies.
       From deep plum to rich red, dark lip looks are super-hot this holiday season and can be surprisingly easy to pull off.
      In spite of many women's fear of dark lips , I am gonna tell you that everyone cn pull off a dark lip , ifthey know how to correctly choose the colours that complement their skin tone.

The shade of lipstick that you choose can make or break your look!

If you have a cool complexion ,  choose dark colors with blue and purple undertones, like berry or bordeaux.

Some examples would be:

Lancome L'Absolute Rouge in Berry Noir

Urban Decay Lipstick in Gash

Revlon ColorStay Soft&Smooth Lipcolor in Divine Port Wine

For a warm skin tone, look for coral and gold undertones, like brick and golden red.

Lancome Color Fever Lipstick in Brickhouse

Vincent Longo Velvet Rich Rejuvenating Lipstick in Carnelian Whisper

CoverGirl TruShine LipColor in Fire Shine  

Dark Lipstick Do's

Unless you're going for a dramatic statement, keep your dark lip the distinguishing feature of your look and downplay the rest. To define but not overpower your makeup:

-Use a generous amount of mascara to frame the eyes. If you're using shadow, go for lighter shades or a light, iridescent shimmer that won’t conflict with your lips.

-To contour cheeks, sweep a subtle pink blush across your apples for just a pop of color.

-Line your lips with a lip liner in a similar shade before and after applying your lipstick, the texture of the pencil will hold your color in place.

Dark Lipstick Don'ts

To avoid Twilight lips (i.e. looking washed out, too dark lips, or just looking plain silly like a dead vampire) :

-Don't apply dark lipstick on chapped or dehydrated lips. The color will catch on the areas that are dry and cracked and set in, looking rather unsightly. If you suffer from dry lips use a lip conditioner before applying.

-Don't pick a shiny finish. Anything from matte to cream, or even a slight gloss is fine, but stay away from excessively shiny finishes. High shine glosses tend to migrate more on your lips as the day goes on. If you have thin lips however, you should incorporate a subtle gloss finish over top of your color, since matte shades make lips look smaller.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ten hot fall trends

                        Ok beauties , this is a post about this fall s trends in makeup ,hair and nails.I received this e-mail today from this beauty/fashion sites , with ten hot trends for this season and i though of shring it with you .So here we go:

1.Vamp Nails
Manicurist Pattie Yankee for Dashing Diva said, "Dark nails are a statement.Vampy shades act as an especially bold command to take notice.

2.No-makeup makeup
With all the cosmetic tricks available to create a variety of believable illusions, it's no wonder that men often say they prefer a woman without makeup, as almost a truth serum of sorts. Yet in spite of this common declaration, studies show that men still pick women wearing makeup as more desirable when given the choice. The no-makeup makeup look cleverly delves deeper, convincing the opposite sex that facial attributes are naturally that beautiful--even though they've certainly had a little "help."

They're in!AGAIN!Braids evolved as a practical style to preserve hair health and thickness by protecting it against environmental assault, allowing you to grow strands longer and healthier than you otherwise would.

4.Red eyeshadow
Intense, red eye makeup isn't for everyone, but we applaud anyone who has the confidence to give it a try--being sure of yourself is the most attractive feature you can ever have.

5.Red Lips
They're in!Of course.From light red , to dark , burgundy to browny red , you shoudl try and wear them all , and see which ones are the ebst for you!hot!hot!hot!

6.Center Parts for the hair
At play here is the human preoccupation with facial symmetry, which is prominently enhanced when you center part your hair.

7.Color-Tipped Nails
Designers used reverse French manicure-like tips of color to lend a sense of luxury to shows. Backstage at Jason Wu where the gilded architecture of Versailles inspired the collection, cherry chocolate nails were carefully dipped in baroque gold. Historically, adorned hands have been a sign of higher-class value, soundlessly inferring that you can afford both the leisure of time and cost to luxuriate over your nails while others tend to the dirty work.

8,Volume , volume , volume!
"I love big hair because it communicates a sense of confidence and swagger," said Johnny Weir at Adrienne Landau. So why all the to-do about volume? Thick locks full of body are a sign of health, as nutrients like biotin are good for a crowning glory of hair.

9.Black Eyeliener
Yep!If youy eyes can take it , then give it to them!After all, it's the amount of contrast we subconsciously detect in a face that rapidly allows us to discern whether we're viewing a feminine (high contrast) or masculine (low contrast) face. By blending jet black kohl next to the whites of the eyes, you're dramatically upping both the contrast and the accompanying sense of femininity.

If you already tried them , what are your favourites from this trends and if not , which ones you plan to try?

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Favourite e.l.f products perfect for fall

      Hello gorgeous ones.One of my blog's readers asked me if i can do a post about my favourite e.l.f fall products so I thought sure , why not?It's fall , i love e.l.f , so this post is a very good ideea.I'm gonna talk about the products I love from e.l.f and they are perfect for this fall's trend too ,  in categories like eyes , lips , face , .So let's get started:

      When it comes to eye makeup , fall is I think one of my favourite seasons , because I love nude, neutral makeups , I love brown smooky eyes , I love bronzy colours , dark greens , purples , and this along with orange eyeshadow and heavily smoked eyes are the perfect choices for this season.
      My favourite products for this season from e.l.f are:

1.Studio Single Eyeshadow in :Butter Cream , Saddle and Rasberry Truffle

2.Studio Cream Eyeshadow in Bronzed and Eggplant

3.Studio Cream Eyeliner in Copper , Coffee and Purple


This fall's trend for lips is all about contradiction.On one hand there is nude lips , and on the other hand , there is bold vampy lips.Everything from our fave orange and red lipstick shades to burgundy and dark purple ones.Combined with the appropriate eye-makeup you are gonna rock this fall!

1.Mineral Lipstick is :Natural Nimph , Nicely Nude , Cool Coral , Cheerful Cherry , Prime Plum

                2.Lipstick in :Gipsy ,Voodoo and Posh.

3.Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Brownie Points , Cherry Tart and Rubby Slipper

Flawless , glowy skin , bronzer , red plum and coral  blush , filled in eyebrows , are just soem trends that are going on this fall.My favourite products from e.l.f are:

1.Studio Golden Bronzer

2.Studio Blushes in: Candid Coral , Mellow Mauve  ,Berry Merry

3.Natural Radiance Blush in :Glow , Coy

Friday, September 23, 2011

elf-Beauty Encyclopedia Everyday Eye edition -review and swatches

Hy dollies , a nice girl reqested me to swatch the  Beauty EncyclopediaEveryday Eyes edition  so i thought of doing a complete post about it , swatching it (with my stupid camera , sorry) and revieweing.If you read my blog , you know that I am in love with these palettes , an that i found them great dupes for Urban Decay palettes.To read more about dupes check out my elf dupes article right here :

Ok so here are the swatches for elf's Beauty Encyclopedia in :

Everyday Eyes:
First row contains the perfect colours for a very fun dramatic black smokey eye , the colours are all sparkly , besides the white , and they re all very pigmented , the light grey needs to be applied a little more to actually be very pigmented , but a mixing medium would make it awesome.
(from left to right)-1.matte white.2.sparkly dark  grey,3.sparkly VERY pigmented black , 4.sparkly light grey
Second row contains 1.a frosty white with baby blue reflections , 2.a light olive green , 3.a matte nude , light beige ,  kinda like skin colour , 4.a matte dark beige. This colours are not very pigmented , they re perfect for a natural everyday look.
Third row is actually my favourite , it has THE perfect colours for a brownish smokey eye , they are super nice and pigmented , you can use em for a dramatic look , or for an everyday look too , cuz they are for and you can mix and match , so yea , GREAT shades:1.a gorgeous  light gold, 2.a shimery peach shade , 3. a dark chocolate brown , 4. a a light brown.
The colours from this palette , even if some of them are matte , they all have kind of aglittery reflection , i don't know how to explain  , so you see they re matte not shimmery or frosty , but they have some very very little glittery particles in them.Not too much , and it's not even noticeable if you don't look very close to them , they are perfect anwyayz for everyday eyes and I highly reccoment them.

What is your opinion on the this edition of the Beauty Encyclopedia if you already tested it?

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Make your own mixing medium(elf lock and seal)

       Ok guys , yesterday some dear ladies rembered me about a tip i know and i haven't shared with you.So i thought of doing a post exaplinig how you can get your own mixing medium like elf's Studio Lock and Seal or MAC Mixing Medium.
         You can use it with your eyeshadows , dip the brush into the mixing medium and then into a loose eyeshadow or in pigments , or an eyeshadow that that it's not that pigmented ,and then apply it to your eyes.It helps making the colour more alive , helps applying it without getting it all over your face , and locks it into the skin so that it lasts much more longer.
So the easiest way to make a mixing medium is by using two substances :glycerine and water.You can use normal glcerine or vegetable one , but it both should be in liquid form.Glycerine is basicly a humectant.That means  it captures moisture from the air and seals it into the skin.
      You need to  put one part glycerine and three parts water , but you should do it in little quantities ,because it doesn't have the additives that keep it good for a looong time  , so you shouldnt use it more than two three weeks.Remember to shake well before you use it , and there you have your mixing medium... xoxo.

Make up for : BLUE EYES

`Hello dollies.

Today's stop is blue eyes.People with blue eyes usually run up against the problem of choosing the right color that can accentuate the color of their eyes. Choose the right color and the brilliance of your blue eyes will knock people off their feet; but, choose the wrong one and your eyes could look pale and watery. 
So, what are the colors that can be used for eye makeup for blue eyes? There are a whole range of colors that you can safely experiment with, and a lot also depends on what kind of look you are trying to achieve – natural, dramatic, or classic.

Eyeshadow for blue eyes:

Colours:  use shades that contrast with the natural color of your eyes. Therefore, colors like gray, taupe, camel, browns, charcoal, blacks, pink, fuschia, copper, lilac, violet, silver, and gold would be your best bet. Unless you have really dark blue eyes, do not apply blue eye shadow. They are bound to make the colors of your eyes pale in comparison.

The mascara for blue eyes should be limited to the basic black. If you feel the need to be a little bolder and experiment, then go in for dark blue mascara. For blue eyes, make up is primarily dependent on the eye shadow and eyeliner. These two together create the maximum effect. The mascara complements blue eyes better when you are opting for a nude look with some shimmer or glitter on the eyes.

Eyeliner for brown eyes:

Colours: When it comes to eye makeup for blue eyes there is one very simple and easy to remember rule – the darker the shade of the eyeliner, the more brilliant your eyes are going to look. For this reason, go in for eyeliners in shades of dark blue, shades of brown and black, and dark green. Lavenders, pale purples and pinks also work really well with blue eyes


Suggestions: If you are too scared to try any color whatsoever, use some shimmer or a liquid white sparkle eye pencil. It may be more of a stark effect but the sparkle they lend to your eyes will be interesting.

Towards the end, I’d like to say that these are simply general guidelines and suggestions . The best kind of eye makeup for blue eyes has come out of people who wished to experiment with different colors and shades. While there are some rules to applying makeup, they shouldn’t stop you from playing with colors occasionally. If you try a certain color or look and you feel that you are able to carry it off well and it looks good on you, let nobody tell you anything different. At the end of the day, it’s about you feeling good about yourself. That’s what real beauty is about.



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