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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

13 e.l.f products that I could live with for the rest of my life

If I could only choose one e.l.f product for each cateory to use for the rest of my life what would that be?Ok , so i thought of doing a post in which i would talk about the products i would choose if i could only have those products for the rest of my life ,  just ONE e.l.f product in just ONE shade for each and every category..this way you guys could find out about the products i love most in each and every category.Even though i don't use foundation or mascaras from elf , i will  till choose one from the ones that i tried from them and worked best for here we go:
1.Foundation: Mineral Foundation in Light
2.Conceleaer: Studio Complete Coverage Concelear Palette in Light
3.Setting Powder:Mineral Booster
4.Blush:Oh that's tough....well...I think the Blush from the Blush&Bronzer's a lovely Coral.
5.Bronzer:The Studio Golden Bronzer all the way for all over the cheek and highlight , and for contouring the Studio Cool Bronzer cuz it's matte.
6.Primer:Mineral Primer
7.Eyeshadow: I am gonna cheat and I am gonna choose The Beauty Encyclopedya Basic Eyes Edition , i know it has many colours , but it's still just one product.
8.Eyeliner:     Deffinately the Studio Cream Eyeliner in Black
9.Mascara:   mmmmm...I don't like their mascaras but i think I could survive with the Studio Mineral Infused one.
10.Lipstick: Just one shade?Oh god....let's see...It deffinately has to be The Mineral Lipstick And i think I will choose the Natural Nimph , cuz it's neutral .
11.Lipgloss: I choose a neutral lipstick so I will choose a colourful lipgloss so i can have some alternatives on my lips for the rest of my life , and that would have to be Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Perfect Pink.
12.Face brush: Just one?Damn, errr well i think i would choose the Studio Flat top Brush cuz I can use that for many more purposes like floundation , blush , powder , etc.
13.Eye Brush:Well , since I can apply my Cream Eyeliner with those little brushies thaey come along with I think i will choose The Blending Eye Brush , cuz blending is a top priority for eyeshadow.

Ok so those are the 13 products I could live with if I had to choose(Millions of thx to god that i dont have to , i hate not being able to mix and match ) so ... what are yours ?Please leave it in the comments if you wish....and yea i hoped you enjoyed my post and talk to you soon.xoxo.

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