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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Monthly favourites-August

Good morning ,  good evening or good whatever it is wherever you live!
I have been obsessing with this blog , even though you guys don't give me much feedback as in comments or tweets or requests of posts you'd wish to see on here , i am becoming more and more obsessed with sharing whatever i can share about make up and all that i know or i am starting to know ..whenerver i find out something new about make up the first thought that comes into my head is when can i access my blog and tell you guys about it...but let's quit the blabbing and start the informing...SO :
As one nice doll asked me to , i have decided to do a monthly favourties from now on ,reffering to beauty products and not only.
I know that august is long gone and september is almost at it's finish , but i will do my august favourites so that i can do my september at the end of...duh september , that way i can accumulate more information.
I'm gonna start my favourites with make-up(of course) and i am gonna separate them into categories.

First product i have been obsessed with it s Maybelline's colossal volume express , i swear to you guys this is the best mascara i have tried in my entire life.It gives your lashes volume , it separates them , it makes them long and black , and that is exactly what i am looking for when it comes to mascara.Next product would have to be e.l.f's Beauty Encyclopedia the basic eye guys , this thing has practically been my Bible(forgive me Father but i am a sinner)!I mean i've practically used this all august month and what's been from september , i really don't need anything else when it comes to eyeshadow.I can do my neutral eyes , my smokey eyes , my inverted crease eyes...this thing worths millions!Next product is deffinately the Cream Eyeliner from e.l.f in black , i mean , it's a greatttt gel liner , it does it's job , it stays on , it makes my eye pop , what else could i want?

My one and only foundation , Revlon Colourstay for oily skin has been my favourite in september , august , july , june , i think all the way back to last year!It's just perfect for me as I told you into this post too .
Another face product that I have been obsessed with in august would deffinately have to be e.l.f's Radiance blusher in glow , it's a nice peachy colour , it stays on all day and damn it's less than 2 bucks.

My two products are e.l.f s mineral lipstick in nicely nude and the luscious liquid lipstick in strawberry.That's exactly the only two colours I ve been wearing all month , either one , either the other , and sometimes even one on top of the other , together they make this nice glowy corally peachy ligt coral that pretty much goes with everything.
My favourites brush for the month of august has deffinately been the stippling brush from e.l.f s studio line.Because of my oily skin , becuz of the heat that was outside in august i really needed a good brush for my liquid foundation even though sometimes i was lazy and would have wished to just put it on with my fingers , I know that that way my foundation wouldn't stay long enough on.So yea the stippling brush does it's job , it blends your foundation very well into your skin , and it doesnt even require that much time to use it.
The three nailpolishes i am showing you come from a brand that you probably don't know cause it's from my country but they are deffinatelly dupes for O.P.I's:"Significant Other Colour"., "The IT Colour" and "Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do"and they re less than half the price and they stay on a long time.In august i have loved bright colours , i actually would love them all year long , but in autumn i like keeping it low , with bronzy and dark polishes .
Next things I am gonna talk about are not related to make up but they ve been my favourites in August so....
Tell me it has been yours too!Harry Potter and the freakin Deathly Hallows part deux my darlings!I swear to you  people on my Beauty Encycopedia that this has to be my lifetime choice when it comes to movies,i will be old and i will still be re watching it!Yep I am totally an hp fan !I cried like a baby when it finished , becuz i have grew up watching it and now that it's over it means my growing up should be over too and i should be an adult and i am not at alll...but oh weell ..NEXT

My favourite series , that i watched all the month of August , and believe me , it was long !Long , but epic, original and entertaining!And that is nothing else than Sex and the city my ladies!I mean , the fashion quantity and quality in this movie is just too much for someone like me to not watch
, and the story is so catchy too , but i'm a tv series girl so i think any interesting story is catchy for me.But again , the fashion , oh my lord!
I have picked three songs that i ve been obsessed with last month so
-sad song: Beyonce -Broken-hearted girl
-happy song: Selena Gomez-Love you like a lovesong
-party song-Pitbull feat Neyo-Give me eeeeeeeeeeeeverything!!!!
I love those songs ,  they made my month happier .
My favourite book this month is deffinately Cosmopolitan's August edition...nah im joking lol , though i love Cosmopolitan too , my favourite book for august is Gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell , i know, i know... I should have read that a looong time ago , but i didn't , BUT  i did now , and it deserved my time."With enough courage, you can do without a reputation. "-Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.....

I hope i didn't forgot any of the items i had in my head when i woke up , so yea those were my favourites , what are your favourites for August?

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  1. Oh, I see another person in love with ELF :) You have products I do not own (yet ;)) and it's nice to read about them.
    don't give up (with expressing yourself here), people will come around :) usually it takes time.

    you can also visit me (and fallow) on and I can return the favor :)
    take care and see u soon ;)

  2. Hello kind lady , i ll be sure to check your blog and follow.Give up? even if i see i have o views i'll still post:)


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