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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Make your own mixing medium(elf lock and seal)

       Ok guys , yesterday some dear ladies rembered me about a tip i know and i haven't shared with you.So i thought of doing a post exaplinig how you can get your own mixing medium like elf's Studio Lock and Seal or MAC Mixing Medium.
         You can use it with your eyeshadows , dip the brush into the mixing medium and then into a loose eyeshadow or in pigments , or an eyeshadow that that it's not that pigmented ,and then apply it to your eyes.It helps making the colour more alive , helps applying it without getting it all over your face , and locks it into the skin so that it lasts much more longer.
So the easiest way to make a mixing medium is by using two substances :glycerine and water.You can use normal glcerine or vegetable one , but it both should be in liquid form.Glycerine is basicly a humectant.That means  it captures moisture from the air and seals it into the skin.
      You need to  put one part glycerine and three parts water , but you should do it in little quantities ,because it doesn't have the additives that keep it good for a looong time  , so you shouldnt use it more than two three weeks.Remember to shake well before you use it , and there you have your mixing medium... xoxo.

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