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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Make up for: GREEN EYES

               It  has come the time to discuss about those gorgeous green eyes.I love green eyes.I find them unique.They re not rare , but they re not that often met as brown or blue .So YOU should celebrate your green eyes with lots of fun , appropriate make-up to make them pop even more !

Eyeshadow for green eyes:

Eye shadow plays a very important role in makeup for green eyes

Colours:   Warm colors complement green eyes really well. Therefore colors like plums, deep purples, lilacs, mauves, bronzes, golds, coppers, deep greens, and browns would be great. Avoid shades of blue, while, gray, and pink, since they don’t go too well with green eyes.(generally speaking , but there are exceptions , shades of green that it could go super good with , so try them and see)

For subtle , natural look: use shades of bronze , light browns 
For dramatic look: use darker shades like deep plums , chocolates , deep greens.
Brown mascara does wonders on green eyes.Brights or shimmery shades of mascara don't go to well.

Eyeliner for green eyes:

Colours: Eyeliner of all kinds – be they liquid or pencil – help to define eyes really well and enhance the eye shadow application. The typical black eyeliner may be too hash for green eyes. Try experimenting with colors like dark gray, golden, shades of browns and bronzes, and plums and violets. 

For a dramatic look: use dark colours , and for the most dramatic look , use a smoky eye with eyeliner.

Suggestions:  For lipsticks, colors that would look great with green eyes are shades of browns, mauves, rose, plums and burgundy. For blush, choose peach, brown, or rose to complement your beautiful eyes.

Towards the end, I’d like to say that these are simply general guidelines and suggestions for women with green eyes. As you experiment with various colors and combinations, you will see for yourself what suits you and what doesn’t. And if you really like a certain style of makeup and think that it looks good on you, let nobody else tell you anything different.

At the end of the day, makeup is a very personal thing and if you are comfortable with a certain style, look or combination of colors, and you are able to carry it off with confidence, what else do you need?

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