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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

e.l.f dupes for high end products

Heya dolls.It's past midnight at me , and I was listening to my music thinking about ...everything and suddenly this thought hit me.
Girls have /need/want(lol) to spend much more money than the majority of the guys.
I mean , the big majority of the guys don't wear make up , don't go to the spa to get a wax or dye their hair , and even if you dye it at home you still spend money , they  don't have mestruation so they don't need to buy tampons , some of them don't spend even a quarter of the money girls do on clothes and shoes and accesories....
Actually , now that i think about it , they win time too , cuz all tht stuff takes time , and some of tht stuff is painfull too so they get through life with less needed pain ....
Is that how it's meant to be.. or us girls just do things that are unneccessary?(menstruation  though it's something we don't choose to have )

Oh that thought inspired me to  wanted to write you about dupes.In cosmetics ,  dupes are inexpensive alternatives to high end products.
One of the best&cheapest alternative for high-end makeup like Nars , Benefit , Bare Minerals , Urban Decay and even Mac is the holy e.l.f ; we all know that elf's quality sometimess is not as good as the quality of the  products from the brands listed above BUT it s not bad either,  some of the products have the packaging , the shades , the consistency and even the ingredients the same as the high end ones.
Maybe some of them differ in lasting , application and pigmentation , but we can close our eyes on that a little , becuase sometimes we can't open our wallets for high end prices.

So , with that being said here's a list of high end products and the e.l.f alternative , and their prices.

Benefit's Brow Zing 30$

e.l.f's Studio Eyebrow Kit. 3$/3.5pounds

The colours are very similar , they both have an wax and a powder , and elf one's quality makes it  really quite a GOOD dupe and the little brush it comes with , it's actually good for application so that's a plus.

Bare Mineral Foundation 26$
e.l.f Mineral Foundation 5$/3.5pounds

The e.l.f one is smaller than the Bare Minerals one , but it's still cheaper.They're both 100% mineral , they both have SPF15 , they both come in fancy packaging , their coverage is the same (i do not use mineral foundation i found that liquid one has better coverage for my bad skin) , problems would be that the e.l.f one comes in less shades/tones to choose from and and you get less quantity ,but you should deffinetaley try it out and see if it works for your skin.

3.Bare Mineral Blemish Therapy 18$
e.l.f Mineral Blemish Kit 8$/6pounds

The ingredients in these two are nearly identical and they both can do wonders .

Mac Fluidline in Blacktrack15$
e.l.f Cream Eyeliner in Black3$/3.5pounds

I love the Cream Eyeliner and it is VERY close to the M.A.C one , the finish is  more matte but i love matte so that's a plus for me , the pigmentation is good and it is easy to work with , though it kinda dries quick especially if you don't take good care of it(keep it closed!).

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Ammo Shadow Box38$
e.l.f's Beauty Encyclopedia in Sparkle 5$/6pounds

Urban Decay Naked Palette48$
e.l.f's Beaty Encyclopedia in Everyday Eyes 5$/6pounds

Ok so some of the colours in the elf palettes match the colours in the urban decay ones like crazy , and even if the elf ones are a little bit chalkier texture , they re still very good and lasting applied on a primer  , and the pigmentation is great , and the price well....differs a lot.

6.Urban Decay Primer Potion 18$
e.l.f Mineral Primer 3$/3pounds

I love all elf s primers , but the mineral one is the dupe for the urban decay one in colour , texture ,etc .... it's very very good stuff.

7.NARS Blushes 27$ and Orgasm&Laguna Duo40$
e.l.f's Studio Blushes and Blush&Bronzer compact 3$/3.5pounds

Ok you guys , I think this is the best of the dupes.I mean the quality is very much the same , the majority of the colours are the same , the price is so much better , the packaging looks the same , pigmentation is very good , what more can we wish for?In the pictures the colours may not look very alike but in reality they are.

Nars Angelika = e.l.f Fuschia Fusion
Nars Luster = e.l.f Peechy Keen
Nars Desire = e.l.f Pink Passion
Nars Deep Throat = e.l.f Candid Coral
Nars Albatross = e.l.f  Gotta Glow
Nars Orgasm&Laguna Duo =e.l.f Blush&Bronzer compact 

***Two more ELF Studio blush shades that are dupes for NARS  (thanks to Helen Louv).I haven't tried this myself but they look as they may be great dupes cause the pics never give you the right real shade .

Nars Sin blush=e.l.f Berry Merry
Nars Dolce vitta=e.l.f Blushing Rose 

I am sure there are many more e.l.f products out there that are dupes for high end brands , like the elf Studio Single Eyeshadows or the Mineral Lipsticks , they for sure have colours that are dupes for others , and they are very good quality too.

If you happen to know any other e.l.f dupe please leave in the comments ....xoxo.

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  1. Great review girl!chek out these dupes:
    -Nars sin blush=Elf berry merry
    -Nars Dolce vitta=Elf blushing rose

  2. hey you commented on my elf post on fb on the $5 things, so i decided to come check out ur website. i couldnt agree with you more. i am a makeup junkee, so i spend most of my time at the mall looking around the sephora. or on i have the urban decay ammo palette n the elf beauty book sparkle editon. its like u read me mind! and same with all the others! im very young (still in middle school) so my mom says if im gonna wear makeup, i have 2 use my own mponey. boy did i go crazy when i saw alll these dupes! i only started with the sparkle n added on n on. then i realized y m i spending like $100 dolors at sephorra wen i can get basically spend like $5 at elf?!i didnt realize how manny dupes there were!!!idk if you do reviews or mAny of these dupe articals, but i would love it if you do!! i am goin 2 telll like alllll of my friends to check this website out! they will love it! kk peace love it bi!!/elfcosmetics/posts/10150242394327465?notif_t=like this is one of the posts u like (im the poster person) kk bi :D

  3. im so glad i can be helpful for you and for your friends , thx for the feedback , stay gorgeous , xoxo

  4. Thank you so much for this post! Next time I go to Target, I know what to try next!


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