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Monday, September 19, 2011

e.l.f haul-part 1

Hey dolls .So i have a haul for you , an e.l.f one , and it's actually just the first half of the haul , the other half i will post up when my other parcel will arive , that would be tomorow or maybe the day after tomorow but fingers crossed for tomroow.I took advantage of the amazing 50% sale from and here are the products that i bought.Some of them are new additions to my make up collection and some of them are things i buy for the second time cause i love them so much.









 I wanted to try all their eyelining brushes and i already have the Studio Small Angled Brush so:
 1.Studio Angled Eyeliner Brush-new addition
2.Eyeliner Brush-new addition
3.Blending Eye Brush-second time buying(this brush is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G)
I love theirStudio Cream Eyeliners so I thought of giving a try to two new colours and buy another Black one cause i love it
4.Studio Cream Eyeliner in : a) Cofee(gorgeous colour)b)Midnight(in the picture it looks darker , it's dark enough in reality , i thought it would be much more blue , it's kind of very navy blue with dark grey hints,  but it's still a nice colour) and c)Black (love it).
You guys know how I adore my Bueaty Encyclopedia Baisc Eye edition so i thought of trying the other ones too , and i have to tell you I'm pretty impressed with those three ones too , the colours are pigmented , the packaging is very stilish , they last a long time , they re very good quality so....
5Nailpolish in Teal(I know it's autumn but ....this colour is just gorgeous)
6.Face edition
7.Sparkle Eyes edition
8.Everyday Eyes edition
9.Large Brush Holder-This thing is so gorgeous , it's so stilish , and it's huge , it's resistant , it has a nice feeling when you touch it , it looks good!!!!!

So that was half of my haul , follow my blog for the other half tomorow*fingers crossed*.If you have any requests for swatches or reviews or anything you'd like to see please don't hesitate to ask me. I 'll be more than happy to do it.

Here's a link to my second part of the haul :

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  1. you have just reminded me to pick up a few of the studio cream eyeliners in black, just like you i bought all the colours because the black one was/is so wonderful :) nice haul hun :) keep up the good work... <---- my blog please follow if you like xxx

  2. Hey doll , Cream eyeliner in Black is great , like your blog too , followed , xoxo


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