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Friday, September 23, 2011

elf-Beauty Encyclopedia Everyday Eye edition -review and swatches

Hy dollies , a nice girl reqested me to swatch the  Beauty EncyclopediaEveryday Eyes edition  so i thought of doing a complete post about it , swatching it (with my stupid camera , sorry) and revieweing.If you read my blog , you know that I am in love with these palettes , an that i found them great dupes for Urban Decay palettes.To read more about dupes check out my elf dupes article right here :

Ok so here are the swatches for elf's Beauty Encyclopedia in :

Everyday Eyes:
First row contains the perfect colours for a very fun dramatic black smokey eye , the colours are all sparkly , besides the white , and they re all very pigmented , the light grey needs to be applied a little more to actually be very pigmented , but a mixing medium would make it awesome.
(from left to right)-1.matte white.2.sparkly dark  grey,3.sparkly VERY pigmented black , 4.sparkly light grey
Second row contains 1.a frosty white with baby blue reflections , 2.a light olive green , 3.a matte nude , light beige ,  kinda like skin colour , 4.a matte dark beige. This colours are not very pigmented , they re perfect for a natural everyday look.
Third row is actually my favourite , it has THE perfect colours for a brownish smokey eye , they are super nice and pigmented , you can use em for a dramatic look , or for an everyday look too , cuz they are for and you can mix and match , so yea , GREAT shades:1.a gorgeous  light gold, 2.a shimery peach shade , 3. a dark chocolate brown , 4. a a light brown.
The colours from this palette , even if some of them are matte , they all have kind of aglittery reflection , i don't know how to explain  , so you see they re matte not shimmery or frosty , but they have some very very little glittery particles in them.Not too much , and it's not even noticeable if you don't look very close to them , they are perfect anwyayz for everyday eyes and I highly reccoment them.

What is your opinion on the this edition of the Beauty Encyclopedia if you already tested it?

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