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Sunday, September 18, 2011

3 nightime make up looks using e.l.f

I thought of doing a post in which i talk about night make up.So , we all know there are some looks that are not appropriate for day time , but they would go great in night time , whether you are going out to a party , or just to dinner , I found three looks from which you can choose.And , again , I took the libery to look through e.l.f 's products , and for every look i will list you the products you can use from e.l.f ,and i will tell you some tips for some of the proudcts  so you can get the perfect make up for night time.For all three looks the foundation routine is the same so:
1.The Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer.I don't reccomend this product for oily skin , because it's very oily , and even for the other types of skin , I recomend just half a pump and blend it well into the skin.If you have oily skin just do not use it.

2.The Complete Coverage Concelaer Palette in the colour that best suits you , apply it under your eyes . and on your blemishes.
3.The Studio Complexion Perfection , apply it on your redness , if you have any , or on any discoloration , it evens your skin , and it makes it ready for foundation.

3.The Mineral Foundation(if you have dry and maybe normal  skin you can use the Studio Flawless Finish Foundation,but i wouldn't reccomend it for people with oily skin) , in the colour that best suits you.
4.If you used the Studio Foundation , set it with the Studio High Deffinition Powder ,and if you used the Mineral Foundation set it with the Mineral Booster.It's not a rule , you can set it with whatever you have actually , it's just my personal opinion.

And now it's time to start the eye , cheeks , and lips make up.

1.The first look is a gorgeous brown smokey eye , with dark brownish redish looking lips , and with very flattering bronzed cheeks.This look works great for persons who don't want to over do it with colours , it's neutral but dramatic in the same time . it would look great for a late night dinner  , and combined with a chocolaty nail colour , and with an up do for the hair.
The products you need to use are:
From the Beauty Encyclopedia the Basic Eye edition , you can take the four colors from the first line , and create a classic smokey eye.Don't forget to take the first colour and put it into the inner corner , tear ducts and onto the browbone(under your eyebrows).Use the third colour and place it onto your lower lash line , use a black pencil into your water line and use the Black Studio Cream Eyeliner on your upper lash line .Use mascara on both your lower and upper lashes and for an intesified look you could apply Dramatic False Eyelashes.
I got to tell you , this cheek make up looks just lovely , it's so glowy and bronzy and perfect for the look.
Take the Studio Golden/Warm Bronzer, swirl a Blush Brush into all the four colors ,tap off any excess and apply it as you would apply blush.Then with an ANGLED blush brush take only the fourth colour from the bronzer (the darkest)and work it underneath your cheek bones , contouring  for the slimmering effect of your cheeks.Without taking bronzer form the palette again , just with what you have left on your brush ,apply a little on the outer sides of your  forehead.Don't forget to blend well the colour into your skin .Blending is the first rule!Now tap off any excess or for a better application take a clean blush brush and take only the third colour (lightest) from the bronzer and apply it as a highlight on your cheeck bone , on your nose , on your chin and on your middle part of your forehead.Now take a big fluffy brush or a stippling brush and spray some mist&set on it , just a bit , and go with the brush and blend all of your bronzer , and highlight,This way you can set it AND get rid of that cakey powdery excess.There , gorgeous shimmery look!
I think the cheeks are THE thing in this look.Amazing!
For your lips we want to achiece a brown/reddish colour so use a brown lipstick like The mineral Lipstick in Prime Plum and top it off with a  reddish gloss like the Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Ruby Slipper.

2.Second look we got is THE smokey eyes! It's dramatic , it's classic , and i would rock it with a sexy black dress and some burgundy or neutral or black or red pumps and some dark red nails and straightened hair.
As you can see for the eyes we need black , and ladies we need a lot of black!My favourite product to use for a black smokey eye is The Brightening Eye colour quad in Drama , it has all the four colours you need.So using that quad , take the silver and apply it all over the lid , take the white and apply it into your inner corners , tear ducts and browbone , and take the black or the glittery black(your choice) and create the smokey eye effect .Use a greyish bluish eyeshadow on your lower lashline , I would reccomend  the dark blue from the Blue Moon quad , and a black liner in your water line.Top it off with the Studio Cream Eyeliner in Black and mascara.
Because of the dramatic eyes and soon to be dramatic lips you need to keep it low with your cheeks , I would apply a rosy or coraly blush like The Radiance Blush in Innocence or the Studio Blush in Tickled Pink or Peachy Keen or even the blush from the Studio Blush&Bronzer Palette , but I wouldn't over do it.Some highlight on your cheeck bones , like the Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance , or any shimmery highlight and you're good to go.
O MY GOD! Isn't that  lip colour just amazing? I would pick the Mineral Lipstick in Cheerful Cherry or the  Lipstick from the normal line in Posh.
I think the lips are THE thing in this look , they re just gorgeous.

3.Third look is the cherry on the cake.This look is for those crazy girls out there , at the crazy parties , with the crazy attitude.Crazy eyes , crazy lips , gorgeous colours !
It's just perfect if you want to get out of the ordinary It would go best with a crazy nail colour like hot pink or light blue , and with wavy or even curly hair , and a colourfoulf head band , and some metallic earings.

Ahhhh!We've got to love a pop of colour.And what pop! And what colour....Ok so for these eyes we need a crazy blue.I would reccomend The Mineral Eyeshadow in  Partier as a base and then on top of it lightly dust The Mineral Eyeshadow in Dreamy.Blend the colours..blend blend and blend .Put some shimerry white in the inner corner and on the browbone and blend it in the blue.Take a black liner and line your water line and use one coat of mascara.
I think the eyes are THE thing for this look.They are exactly what a girl need when she wants to stand out!
For the cheecks apply a coraly peachy shimerry blush or bronzer.You can use The Studio Golden/Warm Bronzer , The Blush from the Studio Blush&Bronzer Palette , The Radiance Blush in Glow,  the Studio Blush in Candid Coral or the Mineral Blush in Coral.
These lips are awesome.They look like bubble gum.You can use either the Mineral Lipstick in Runaway Pink , Nicely Nude or Party Pink , and top it off with a clear or glittery gloss like the Studio Minty Lipgloss in Seattle or Nashville , or any other lipgloss like that and you're good to go!

Ok dolls , I hope this wasn't too long , i hope you learnd something new , and i hope you re gonna use sometimes one of these looks !Please leave a comment telling me what you think.

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