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Friday, September 16, 2011

HOW TO/TUTORIAL:casual autumn eye make up(7 elf products)

   Hy dolls , so as one of you requested i will try to do my best in explaining how to get a casual autumn...ish eye make up using elf products.

   The products i will be using are : e.l.f : eyelid primer , beauty encyclopedia basic eye edition , studio black cream eyeliner , the maybelline colossal volume express and four brushes from elf : from the normal line the eyeshadow brush , the blending eye brush and the eye crease brush and from the studio line the small angled brush.
          First we ll need to have fresh skin , cleanse your eyelid with a wet cloth .Next step would be to put some elf eyelid primer on the eyelid From the beauty encyclopedia i will be using 4 colours:

-from the first line i will be using the first into the inner corner , tear duct , and on the brea bone ,

-the second on the eyelid ,

-then on third line , i will take the third colour and put it into the crease

-then we ll go back to the first line and take the fourth colour and blend it into the outter corner


                                                      The first step is to use the eyeshadow brush with the second colour from the first line and apply it on your eyelid but not on your brea bone.

Then take the eye crease brush or another smaller eye brush and take the first colour from the first line and put it into the tear duct ., the inner corner and the breabone and blend it into the colour you applied first time.

Then with the same brush take the thrid colour on the third line and put it into the crease and work it into the other colour using circular motions

Next step would be to take the
 blending eye brush with the fourth colour from the first line and gently apply it to the outter corner of the eye trying to get something of a v shape and work it with circular motion.Now tap off the exces tht you still have on the brush and go and blend all the colours into each other

Next step would be to take the second colour from the first line with the small angled brush and apply it on ur lower lash line and into the water line .Then take the fourth colour from the first line and put it at the end of the lower lash line working it a little bit out in a small wing.

 Next step would be the brows , taking the same small angled brush fill in your eyebrows with the colour tht works for you.I am using the fourth colour from the third line.Now using the same brush take the eye cream eyeliner and line your upper lash line , winging it out a little more thn  usually creating a bit of dramatism.

 Nex step is mascara , and i am using the colossal from maybelline and apply it in just one coat on the upper lashes.

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