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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

S20-QTP of the day-quote , tip , product

Good evening dolls....Todat i thought of giving you a tip that i gave last night to a doll on elf's facebook page so that everyone can take advantage of it , being a bout a problem that occurs to a lot of us.


             “While clothes may not make the woman, they certainly have a strong effect on her self-confidence — which, I believe, does make the woman."     -Mary Kay Ashe


          Ok , so eyeliners can be quite the enemy if they get dry..Gel , Liner , Pencil Liners , Mascaras get dry if you keep them opened , so NEVER leave them opened after you use them , and if you can , please don't stay an hour applying them , cause they get dry in that time too.So if you've got a liquid Pencil Liner  and it gets dry just close it very well and put it for 2-3 minutes in warm water.If the Gel Liner gets dry , just flip a brush in it until it gets gel..ish again and if you're mascara gets dry , and it's old too , throw it!


           Today's product is another e.l.f one , you know I love e.l.f , and every day anoher product surprises me.Today it was The Studio Matte Lip Colour , it has such a nice consistancy ,it has A LOT product it's matte(I love love love matte lipsticks they look good without anything on , or with a shimmery gloos) , it lasts on your lips a lot , and it tastes AWESOME!Plus it has this hidden little thing at it's end that you can use it to make it sharp again .

               What is your quote , tip or elf product of the day?

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  1. Great tips especially about the eyeliner pen!


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