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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ten hot fall trends

                        Ok beauties , this is a post about this fall s trends in makeup ,hair and nails.I received this e-mail today from this beauty/fashion sites , with ten hot trends for this season and i though of shring it with you .So here we go:

1.Vamp Nails
Manicurist Pattie Yankee for Dashing Diva said, "Dark nails are a statement.Vampy shades act as an especially bold command to take notice.

2.No-makeup makeup
With all the cosmetic tricks available to create a variety of believable illusions, it's no wonder that men often say they prefer a woman without makeup, as almost a truth serum of sorts. Yet in spite of this common declaration, studies show that men still pick women wearing makeup as more desirable when given the choice. The no-makeup makeup look cleverly delves deeper, convincing the opposite sex that facial attributes are naturally that beautiful--even though they've certainly had a little "help."

They're in!AGAIN!Braids evolved as a practical style to preserve hair health and thickness by protecting it against environmental assault, allowing you to grow strands longer and healthier than you otherwise would.

4.Red eyeshadow
Intense, red eye makeup isn't for everyone, but we applaud anyone who has the confidence to give it a try--being sure of yourself is the most attractive feature you can ever have.

5.Red Lips
They're in!Of course.From light red , to dark , burgundy to browny red , you shoudl try and wear them all , and see which ones are the ebst for you!hot!hot!hot!

6.Center Parts for the hair
At play here is the human preoccupation with facial symmetry, which is prominently enhanced when you center part your hair.

7.Color-Tipped Nails
Designers used reverse French manicure-like tips of color to lend a sense of luxury to shows. Backstage at Jason Wu where the gilded architecture of Versailles inspired the collection, cherry chocolate nails were carefully dipped in baroque gold. Historically, adorned hands have been a sign of higher-class value, soundlessly inferring that you can afford both the leisure of time and cost to luxuriate over your nails while others tend to the dirty work.

8,Volume , volume , volume!
"I love big hair because it communicates a sense of confidence and swagger," said Johnny Weir at Adrienne Landau. So why all the to-do about volume? Thick locks full of body are a sign of health, as nutrients like biotin are good for a crowning glory of hair.

9.Black Eyeliener
Yep!If youy eyes can take it , then give it to them!After all, it's the amount of contrast we subconsciously detect in a face that rapidly allows us to discern whether we're viewing a feminine (high contrast) or masculine (low contrast) face. By blending jet black kohl next to the whites of the eyes, you're dramatically upping both the contrast and the accompanying sense of femininity.

If you already tried them , what are your favourites from this trends and if not , which ones you plan to try?

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