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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Steps for a complete begginers make up

Hy dolls , this is a post for those persons out there that are beggining to use make up , and have somehow of a no idea what and where to use  , or for any one that wants to know the basics in a complete face /eyes makeup.So here we go:
1.The first step you need to do is to clean up your face , you need a fresh skin to apply correctly make up , you can use make up remover , or just a wet cloth if you already removed your make up some time before.
2.The next step is to use a moisturiser on your face skin , and be careful , you should choose a moisturiser that suits your skin and not breaks you out or dries your face.
3.Now you can move on to foundation.Foundation is the cosmetic you put on your whole face and sometimes on the upper parts of you kneck so you can even your skin tone and cover up all of those blemishes , pimples redness and other things we dont want anybody to see.You can choose from a liquid foundation or a powder one , depending on what suits you best,In my previous post i talked about my favourite foundation apply foundation you can choose from a variety of methods :you can use a sponge , a flat top powder brush , a stippling brush , a normal foundation brush , and of course when you are in a hurry your useful fingers .
4.After you applied foundation , covered up all of youR imeprfections , and blend it well into your skin(we dont want to look like we just painted our face ) , you need to set it , so it stays on as long as you need it.For that you can use either a loose setting powder or a pressed one.They come in a variety of colours i would advise you though to choose a translucent one.The brushes you could choose would be the big fluffy powder brush , the flat top powder brush , or if you don't want to splurge on brushes you can use that sponge that the majority of the powders come with.You apply the powder on your whole face , or if you re afraid  not to look too cakey , you can apply it on the areas you think  need setting , like your t zone.
5.So now that we have a nice even skin , we can go on with the blush .Using an angled blush brush , or a fluffy brush , use your favourite colour of blush , and apply it on your cheeks lightly and take it up a little so that it looks more natural.
6.Your eyes are next , for your eyes to be ready to receive eyeshadow , you need to first apply an eyelid primer and optional a base colour.Then ,using a eyeshadow brush , use your favourtie eyeshadow and apply it gently to your eyelid.If you are a little more experienced with make up you can use anoher colour on your crease , a darker one i would advise and blend that in with a blending eye brush.Now , if you want to get rid of the sleepy look , especially in the morning , use a white , matte or shimery eyeshadow , depends on your taste , and put it right into the inner corner of you eye and that will help your eyes pop and stand out.If you want you can take the white you used and apply it to you breabone(the area under your eyebrows) and blend it in with you other eyeshadow , and that will make you eyebrows look better and your eyeshadow too..Next thing is optional , eyeliner .Eyeliner can be found in a large variety , from the normal pencil , to the liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner.I certainly know that at the beggining it is kind of hard to apply it , but keep practicing and i can assure you practice makes perfect.Now that you are finished with you eyeshadow you can use mascara .I know that many of you think many coats of mascara will help make your eyelashes pop more , but believe me , if you apply just one coat , carrefully , and applying it to all your lashes , includin you inner and outer ones , the effect will be stunning , they will appear long and separated and never cakey.
I could go on and on with the talking and start guiding you through bronzing , highlighting you face , sculPting and contouring your face , filling in your eyebrows , etc etc , but i think i will stop here and leave that for a following post becuz this post is for begginers and i really don't want to mess with what they already learnd.

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