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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Make up for : BROWN EYES

Hello dollies.

Today I want to start a series of blogposts in which I will be talking about different types of makeup for different types of skin or colour of the eyes etc.

First stop will be brown eyes.You don't have brown eyes?Don't worry , the post related to your color of the eyes will be up soon.

Ok beauties , so , I want to start by saying that girls with brown eyes are kind of lucky because make-up for brown eyes is very variable.They can experiment with all kinds of looks and colors and there are very few no-no’s that they have to keep in mind. Both light and dark make up for brown eyes looks good. Several looks that may be considered too severe on other colored eyes suit women with brown eyes. Like I said before, you are really lucky!

Eyeshadow for brown eyes:

Colours:  brown, blue, plum, gold, blue gray, vanilla, purple and violet.Even eye shadows that have metallic brown overtones, such as gold and bronze, and you would think they make your eyes fade out , THEY DON'T , they help to bring out the color of your eyes. 

For subtle , natural look: use shades that are lighter than your eye colour

For dramatic look: use shades that are darker than you eye colour.

Use light shades like peach, taupes, champagne, light pink, and browns to open up your eyes.
  • Choose shimmery colors of eye shadow to make your eyes look alive and bright.

Eyeliner for brown eyes:

Colours: Women with brown eyes can experiment with eyeliners of different colors. Try on different shades like bronze, golden browns, dark grays, navy blue, black.

For a natural look: eyeliner application needs to be minimal , you can try and apply eyeshadow as liner.
For a dramatic look: use dark colours , and for the most dramatic look , use a smoky eye with eyeliner.

Suggestions: When applying makeup for brown eyes remember that light eyeliner will make your eyes appear larger while dark liners will contour your eyes and make them appear smaller. Depending on the look that you are trying to achieve, choose your colors carefully.

Towards the end, I’d like to say that these are simply general guidelines and suggestions for women with brown eyes. As you experiment with various colors and combinations, you will see for yourself what suits you and what doesn’t. And if you really like a certain style of makeup and think that it looks good on you, let nobody else tell you anything different.

At the end of the day, makeup is a very personal thing and if you are comfortable with a certain style, look or combination of colors, and you are able to carry it off with confidence, what else do you need?



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  1. Your makeup is very fabulous look for brown eyes and your suggestions to good.




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