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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Favourite nailpolishes for autumn-elf dupes for opi

Hello my ladies , how is your makeup doing?Fine?Put some powder , keep it still....
Today i thought to do a post about nailpolishes.Sincewe are in the middle of this beautiful September we should start wearing our fall make ups , our fall nailpolishes and our fall clothes.So , I wanted to share with you my personal favourite colours for nails in the autumn.They are 8 , and they are from O.P.I  ,but since I love e.l.f , you love e.l.f , and the rest of the ladies love e.l.f , i took the liberty to compare my 8 favourite nailpolishes from o.p.i , with the elf ones and i found some dupes , for some of them , and some  slightly different alterntives for the rest of them.So here we go :
      O.P.I                                                  e.l.f

1.O.P.I's "Suzy says da" is one 
 classic chocolaty colour,                  

it's matte (i love love love matte nail polishes)                                     
and it is gorgeous for fall.         

1.e.l.f's "Chocolate" it's the same chocolaty              
colour , with a slightlyyy different undertone       
making it look a little more dark.

2."Over the taupe" is one of my most used nail polishes in autumn , it goes with every outfit i am wearing , it's neutral , it's matte , i just love it.    

2."Smokey brown"  and the o.p.i one are the best
 two matches from all the ones i will be talking about.
It's a dupe!

3."DS Illuminate" .Oh my god you guys , i think                   

this is the colour that remembers me of fall                         
the most from all of them , it;s just gorgeous,                   
 it's sparkly , it's bronzy , it;s just sooooooo                          
autumnish ,   it's like looking at the leaves 

 that fell from a tree.

3."Blush" is the most alike looking colour from
    e.l.f's palette , it's shimmery not sparkly , which               
  would be the only inconvenience for me because
  i like matte or sparkly , shimerry not that  much.
All in all its a great dupe.

4."Uh oh roll down the window"The green is
almost lost in nature so why not carry it on                        
our nails a bit?This colour is matte , it;s a    
forest green,very beautiful , it gives you
a fresh look and i'm sure it will receive
 many compliments.

 4.Well , unfortunately
    e.l.f does not carry a dark or even medium green
  so I think your only option would be "Teal".I love
      this colour too but I find it a little more appropriate
      for summer , but , I would still rock it to a party!            

5."French quarter for your thoughts" has been                
a favourite of mine for a long time.This greyish sobre
colour , I wear it more in the winter but I love it so
 much that i can't help and wear it a little in every        
season especially in autumn , it goes with everything ,
it's matte , it's just lovely , it works perfect when
you dress a little more formal.

 5.The only resemblance i could find in the e.l.f
            palette was "Desert Haze",it differs in many
             ways , being neutral , not grey , but I still find it
      very good for formal outfits , it looks ...strict.

6."Lincoln Park after dark"My heart beats faster when          
i look at this colour , really , it's amazing , i adore it ,                
Purple is in this season,matte is in every season ,
and the little sparkliness gives it a pop or originality , and thats why I often choose it over a simple matte dark purple.

6."Party purple"  is a littlle more dark and
purple...ish than the o.p.i one but it's still
a great replacement.


7."Yoga-ta get the blue" is THE dark blue!
Metallic , strong , beautiful!

7."Dark navy" is a little more dark , if you put
 more than 2 coats you will mistaken it for black , but                  
 it is the only dark blue they have , anyway...                                                                          
it's pretty,it's metalic so it's still right on my street.                                                                                                              

8."Click flick cherry" is my favourite red
ever from o.p.i , and i think from any brand ,
 it's just perfect , red is THE  colour when                                      
 you wanna feel sophisticated , and for me                       .
 this is THE red.

8."Dark red" is the red that best matches
o.p.i's one , it;s so pretty too!

And with this my darlings , i think i have gone through all my favourite nail colours for fall....even though I somtimes get out of the ordinary and paint my nails in yellow or orange or hot pink just because I feel like it , the colours i presented are the ones i wear all through the autumn ....

If you'd like , please leave in the coments what are yourfavourite autumn nail polishes ,  i would LOVE to know!

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